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A View From My Window aleksander basic.

The View From My Window


Oil on canvas.
Deep, brooding piece with mysterious orbs inspired by the garden at...


Oil & glitter spray-paint on canvas


Oil on canvas-wrapped MDF.
Part of a series of small works on canvas-wrapped MDF...

Accommodation Aleksandar Basic.



A gallery as unique as the artwork

Mooch is an independent online gallery, started with the ethos of making it easy to look for the art you love. We believe that owning an original is a special experience that anyone can enjoy. We offer a 2 week trial period on all our artwork and in some cases offer a home visit where we can bring over a selection of artwork for you to view with no obligation.

We scour studios, fairs, art departments, outhouses and dog houses to find the best talent. You can choose work from emerging artists, as well as nationally and internationally recognised names.


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